Stewardship & Giving

Our parish family depends on the dedicated financial support of her faithful. This generous support, we call stewardship, is a significant way Christians are able express their commitment and love towards Christ, and His Church. A steward is a person who has temporary custody of a particular item or piece of property, until the owner asks that person to give an accounting for the way that item was used. To this end, we are all- and all called to be- stewards. Like all stewards, we will one day have to give an accounting for the way we used these precious gifts. A joyful and holy responsibility and vocation, God has given us our time, talents, and treasures, so that we might invest them wisely as we work together to participate in His plan for the salvation of creation. 

Please fill out our annual stewardship form below. And for more information, or with any questions please feel free to contact Tanya Garrison at