Click here, to listen to a recent homily or browse Assumption's entire library of sermons, hosted by Soundcloud. Our weekly Point Of Renewal (Sundays, at 9:10 am), children's sermon (following the Gospel), and adult’s sermon are offered by Fr. Andrew Barakos and Fr. Jacob Saylor. Whether you missed a sermon at service or were simply looking to be nourished by edifying preaching, we're happy to have these recorded lessons available to you.  

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Holy Week 2018

  • Friday Royal Hours: Holy Friday Requires Silence (Fr. Jacob - 4/6)

  • Wednesday Holy Unction: The Mystery of Healing (Fr. Jacob - 4/4)

  • Tuesday Bridegroom

  • Monday Bridegroom: Keeping Judgment within the Context of the Bridegroom Service (Fr. Jacob - 4/2)

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