Assumption Church's Greek Dance program seeks to strengthen and create through the treasure of folk dance, lifetime bonds between the youth of our community. Encouraging youth to appreciate the many aspects of their rich Hellenic culture, our program is tailored to make learning and dance the very best experience for all who participate!

In order for youth to participate in the Assumption Greek Orthodox Folk Dance program the following guidelines are in place:

  • Families must be members and stewards in "good standing" with Assumption Church.

  • Children must be registered for the current Sunday School year.

  • Children must attend Divine Liturgy on the mornings prior to practice sessions.

  • Regular attendance in Sunday School is required to remain a participant in the Dance program.

These guidelines are established to ensure our children remain active members of the church, and understand the priority of worship and community.

For those families wishing to sign up for our 2019-20 Greek Dance program, please fill out our online form here: