Assumption Outreach

The Assumption Outreach ministry is the charitable work of our community.  Activities of this ministry include providing rides for parishioners to doctor's appointments or services, providing meals for members of the community who are going through a recent loss or in medical care, serving at St. Vincent de Paul in their family meal program on the first Monday of every month, participating in our volunteer day of service, or any other charitable effort that may need our attention.  

One of the most beautiful aspects of our community is our willingness to support one another. From time to time, there is a need within our community for assistance. Often times it is a ride to a medical appointment or help running an errand. These situations don't come up very often, but it would be lovely to have two people to count on rather than scrambling to find someone on the spot. 

We are blessed to have Tina Kanelos Jones leading this important ministry.  To get involved in these ministries, or to join the list of on-call volunteers please contact Tina.