Sunday School

Assumption's Sunday School program provides the foundation and core of our community's youth ministry.

Assumption's Sunday School program incorporates three major objectives into their vision: faith as worship and prayer, faith as love and philanthropy, and faith as truth. And while 'teaching' these to our youth might begin in the classroom, we know that 'learning' is best rooted in 'doing.' For this reason, once a subject is explored as truth, be it through books or lecture, learning goes deeper to a hands-on level, that more soundly resonates with students. Whether through oral presentation, working with arts and carfts, playing a game, or completing a philanthropic project, the approach of our program is to learn the faith by living and doing it.

Students begin each 'class' by participating in the Divine Liturgy with the entire community. Through worship with their peers and families, youth involve themselves in our ancient prayers, growing to understand their meaning and value. Participating too, in several incorporated philanthropic activities throughout the year,  students are further challenged to apply the Gospel of Christ through action. Finally, we strive to create an environment where youth have the opportunity to forge meaningful relationships founded on Christian principles. In this way, our parish is committed to enhancing our lessons and projects to meet the objectives and expectations of our Archdiocese.

Serving students through weekly instruction drawn from Gospel lessons, the saints and mysteries of the faith, as well as our holy Orthodox history and traditions, this ministry also offers deeper informative and edifying activities through retreats and annual events.

Our teachers and volunteer staff recognize as most treasured and precious the responsibility of instructing Christian youth, and strive to maintain the goals of meeting each of their needs in prayer, faith, and love.

To our parents, please make a family commitment to regular participation and attendance in this crucial ministry. Discuss with your children the importance of attending the Divine Liturgy in a timely and proper way, and of investing themselves in their life in Christ.  

The entire Assumption parish family warmly welcomes all children, pre-school through high school, to join us for Sunday School classes immediately following Holy Communion. Family worship begins with the Divine Liturgy at 9:30 am.

For more detailed information, simply call our office at (480) 991-3009. And to register your child for Sunday School, either visit us in person, or access our online registration form, here: