On Why Orthodox Bless Their Homes

   Blessing the home has roots in the celebration of Epiphany

Every year on the Feast of Epiphany, January 6, the Church celebrates the baptism of Christ and the renewal of creation. As Christ bows His head in perfect humility to John in the river Jordan, He teaches us that humility and obedience are the starting points to living as His disciples. Christ gives to water the power to regenerate humankind, to make us "born again." Not only is this gift of new life offered to humanity but also the entire world shares in this gift of new life. The "river Jordan" represents the entire world and receives the restoration of the "goodness" that it lost in the Fall along with Adam. The "goodness" of creation is simply that its' purpose and function are to draw the soul to God and is no longer an end in itself.

In celebrating Epiphany, our ancestors sensed a profound awareness of this restoration of goodness in themselves and the world in which they lived. It was natural when going down to a river and asking the Holy Spirit to descend upon it, that having experienced everything as glowing with God's goodness they would take that water into their homes and bless them.

Getting to Know Your Priest and Your Priest Getting to know You

Today, we having also shared in this experience of renewal have the opportunity to create relationships with the priest. As a Church grows often the distance between as pastor and his flock is also increased. No one should feel that home blessings are a burden for priest, blessing a home is an important part of his ministry. The priest learns of parishioner needs and at the same time, it allows him to have a better idea of how to create opportunities for parishioner involvement in the life of the Church.  Please call and schedule your home to be blessed, especially if it has never been done.


What to Expect When a Priest Comes

  • It is best to have as many family members present as possible.
  • The priest brings everything necessary for the sacrament
  • Prepare a list of family member names
  • If there is a prayer corner in the home the priest will start there, if not, just place out an icon on a table.

Schedule a Home Blessing

Send an email request to Fr. Andrew