Assumption Has Out Grown Facilities

It has become increasingly clear that Assumption Greek Orthodox Church has outgrown its present facilities. Each year, the parish council along with Fr. Andrew have come up with creative ways to accommodate our expanding needs. The kitchen that used to be part of the house was remodeled into seating. Assumption now can seat 160 people. In two short years however, the seats are full.

The original office for Fr. Andrew has become a classroom. During the past year, Father has had to share an office with the secretary and book keeper. Presently, the bathroom of the master bedroom is being converted into a private office. This is the last room left that can be modified.

The garage was rearranged so that it could be utilized as a classroom. The Sunday school has nowhere to go except outside at this point.

Families are relocating to Scottsdale at an amazing rate. Countless Orthodox live close to Assumption but there is not enough space to accommodate everyone.

Are you aware that the following conditions exist at Assumption?

  • That 20 children are squeezed into a 10 x 12 foot room for Sunday school.
  • Assumption has over 120 children registered in Sunday school.
  • Presently, 120 children share 5 classrooms.
  • That if you come a little late to Church on Sundays there is standing room only and chances are you will end up standing in the hallway.
  • That in order for Assumption to host a social event facilities need to be rented.
  • That many Orthodox people drive by Assumption on Sunday mornings because our parking lot is full.
  • For the past ten years Assumption's stewardship has grown to over $80,000.
  • That the ministries and charitable outreach of Assumption has grown from $70,000 three years ago to $135,000.