A national ministry provided for children kindergarten through 2nd grade, and their families, HOPE, or the Holy Orthodox Primary Education program, is led by Stephanie Stephenson, and a host of parents, young adults, and high school youth. Similar to JOY, and all of Holy Trinity’s numerous youth ministries, the purpose of HOPE is to promote close relationships among our children and families in a loving, safe, and stimulating atmosphere, while continuing to firmly establish and grow them in our ancient Orthodox faith. A precious labor of love, this Christ-centered ministry integrates hands-on learning, fun and educational activities, and engaging lessons that soundly communicate our Orthodox faith and values.

To educate and edify our community's youngest parishioners, this ministry provides various programs that seek to guide and develop our youth spiritually, emotionally, and intellectually. Learning the building blocks of the Orthodox Christian faith through connection, activity, and prayer, parents are encouraged to participate along with their youth, by consistently investing them in such HOPE programs as our Sunday School, First Fridays, Greek Dance, HT day-retreats, and summer Vacation Bible School.

Our volunteers and paid staff are dedicated to truly ministering to this age group. The activities offered further provide parents with the added blessing and opportunity to get to connect with each other as well. Please feel invited to contact our youth director or church office with any questions, or for further information regarding this ministry of our church.