Sunday Worship Schedule & Information


Worship Schedule   

The Greek Orthodox Church has many members who are not of Greek descent but come from various backgrounds. The worship service or Divine Liturgy is done entirely in English. Anyone is welcome to attend a worship service however; Holy Communion is for members of Eastern Orthodox Churches. To become a member of the Greek Orthodox Church one must have been baptized in the name of the Trinity and to have been Chrismated in an Orthodox Church.



  Sunday Worship:

  • 8:00 AM Matins - morning prayers celebrating the Resurrection of Christ

  • 9:20 AM Doxology

  • 9:30 AM Divine Liturgy - Holy Communion

  • 9:50 AM Children's Sermon

  • Children remain in Liturgy until receiving Communion

  • Adult Sermon is at the conclusion around 10:45 AM or 11:00 AM

  • Church School begins following Communion

  • * Call the Church's Voice Mail for a Weekly Update of Services & Activities - (480) 391-8182 Ext. #4