Assumption Bookstore


The bookstore is open Sundays after Liturgy until 11:45 AM and Tuesdays 9:30 AM to 1:30 PM. For information or to place special orders, please contact Diana Ozee at (480) 991-3009. We offer 14-karat and sterling silver crosses; icons; birthday and nameday cards; CDs; and many other items.  In addition, we carry a wide selection of books for both adults and children. Please browse and inquire if the merchandise you seek is not on the shelves!

Communion wine is now available for purchase through our bookstore.   It is customary for the faithful to offer Communion wine for the Divine Liturgy, as well as prepare the "offering bread" (prosforo). When offering the bread and wine, names of the living and dead are submitted to the priest so he can include them when preparing the gifts. Our Bookstore is not authorized to sell this wine for personal consumption; it can only be donated to the Church.